This is a multidisciplinary project inspired by the concept of «Lattice», alluding to the «quantum-energy framework that would contain the material reality that we experience». The piece that is made up of a «cyborg» performance, with a «being» that carries muscle sensors that modify the image and sound in real time, which is within a piece of experimental electronic music with video mapping projections generated and mixed in real time, thus each session being different from the previous one.
The project is in the process of constant creation and expansion, and has already held three sessions in Madrid, two in Salamanca (Spain) and one session in Berlin. At the end of each session we held a discussion about the creative process and an explanation of the technology used so far: video mapping, midi controllers, sensors, programming, among other elements.

Creators: Fabiola Simonetti, Christel Bocksang, Joaku De Sotavento and an special collaboration from Bibiana Cabral


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